Our personnel comprises of a specialized team of trained midwives who can use their critical skills to monitor patient progress and provide individualized care. The unit also has doctors 24 hours a day, trained in critical care skills.

For couples and women ready to start a family, Regina Mundi Catholic Hospital provides a full range of expert medical services in a warm and supportive environment. The maternity services team includes high risk pregnancy specialists, anaesthesiologists, paediatricians and nurses. All are committed to providing comprehensive care for women and babies before, during and after pregnancy.

We place emphasis on safety and quality as well as providing a premier service to ensure that your birthing experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

We have a team of experienced Midwives and Consultant Obstetricians, who are on hand to answer all your questions, no matter how big or small. Educational classes to prepare you for childbirth are available for you, as well as exercise classes to help maintain general fitness and get your body ready for having a baby.

We know that you have many questions and concerns and we are prepared to help in every way.

From the time you learn you’re pregnant, the physicians and staff of Regna Mundi Hospital will be beside you, working to make your experience as healthy, pleasant and memorable as possible.

Our labour/delivery and postpartum rooms are designed for comfort and well equipped to provide a safe and attractive setting for childbirth.