Regina Mundi Catholic Hospital is located in Agege Motor Road, Mushin, Lagos is based, is to provide top-class medical and allied services to clients, using the best professionals available, empowered with appropriate level of technology.

Regina Mundi Catholic Hospital is a fully fledged hospital offering high quality healthcare services in response to the changing demands for efficient, effective and affordable treatment, rehabilitation and preventive healthcare programmes. The Hospital has spacious and secure parking for staff and visitors. The philosophy of the hospital is to provide excellent medical care to all cadres of the society.

The placement and arrangement of departments has been carefully done with convenience of our patients and visitors in mind. Our spacious and fully equipped patient rooms coupled with a pleasant surrounding are designed to give our patients a homely and away from hospital feel.

Our supply of electricity is supported by stand-by generator and UPS facilities in case of any mains power failure all of which provide an un-noticeable, seamless changeover. To ensure smooth running at all times, an extensively trained personnel in the maintenance department offers round the clock upkeep.

Today, the hospital has undergone significant transformation and still growing. We enjoy tremendous goodwill and occupy an enviable position as a strong market player in private hospitals in Lagos.